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New Prizes to be Won! Start with the Nescafe Prize

New Prizes to be Won! Start with the Nescafe Prize

Be in to win a pair of matching Nescafe coffee mugs with a jar of Nescafe Gold Rich coffee. Mmmm....coffee

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A big thank you from me, Stacey and baby William for the care you taken to track down the lost nappies to Christchurch. Stacey rang me yesterday to say they had arrived and the gifts inside where incredible. Thank you so much, Stacey has a hard road ahead of her with William and his cancer but she has such a positive attitude, we, as her family simply follow her lead. William's tumour (with the help of Chemo) has shrunk down to 2 cm and come away from around his spine but unfortunately is now sitting on the main nerve of his left leg, so surgery is delayed unit specialists can be brought in. Yesterday he learnt to cry, a sound we haven't heard before because the chemo had paralyzed the left side of his larynx .So your thoughtful gift was so appreciated. It gives us faith in the business sector to know there are still companies around with a heart. I have attached a photo of William taken 2 weeks ago, the feeding tube through the nose is for feeding and he also has a permanent shunt in his tummy for the chemo, bloods etc. So once again on thank you.

Keep your hair beautiful this winter.

Keep your hair beautiful this winter.

It’s not just fighting the extra frizz, our hair and scalp suffer during colder months too. Here are some tips to keep your hair looking its best during winter.

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Rafferty's Garden 120g Pouch Apple, Pear & Cinnamon

Great combination of flavours, and my daughter loves this flavour.

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