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Rafferty's Garden Fruit Snack Bar - Apple 8s

Review by jessica moore Mums group trial

My mums group was chosen to trial Rafferty's Garden fruit snack bars. All parents agreed that they liked the softness and size of the bars. I was excited about the Apple flavour as this is always a hit with children however as soon as I open it i could smell the cinnamon and knew my daughter wasn't going to eat these bars - I was correct and found the bar still in her lunchbox at the end of the day. We tried her with this bar on 2 other occasions and she still refused to eat it. Natalie liked the portion size and thought it was a great amount for her 2 year old who could easily eat a whole one and leave no wastage. Megan said her son loved all the bar flavours equally however due to sugar content would not purchase these. One mum thought the box should say that it includes cinnamon as her youngest dislikes the taste however her older child tried all the flavours and this was his favourite of the 4 boxes. Despite no complaints from the children 80% of the mums commented on the high amount of sugar per bar and would only offer these as a treat rather then a daily lunch box item.

Rafferty's Garden Fruit Snack Bar - Apple 8s

Review by Amy Delicious and sweet

I had the pleasure of sampling the entire line of Raffertys Garden fruit snack bars My family’s personal experience with the bars – they are delicious, soft bars with a sticky fruit centre. My youngest loved the texture of the sticky centre and often found him sticking his hands in the middle of the bar, fun for him but not so much fun for me who had to clean up the sticky fruit mess off him and his highchair. The bars had a real fruit/vege taste to them. You could really taste the apple in these bars! My young however did find the apple alittle sweet and times. The texture is a good combination of oats on the outside and soft on the inside – the outside has a good crisp but not hard texture, the bar it is not too chewy for the older ones, however my youngest only has four teeth so won’t often eat a whole bar as he got bored of chewing. They are individually wrapped and were easy for my 3yr old to open herself. The bars are a great addition to one’s snack repertoire, whether on the road or for the at home – make sure you give them a try! We headed to the beach one weekend and they were a great snack on the road for the kids and I found my oldest asking for more.

Rafferty's Garden Fruit Snack Bar - Apple 8s

Review by Kelly A staple in our cupboard

So easy to pull out when you need a snack and out of ideas

Huggies Ultimate Nappies Newborn <5kg Bulk 54s

Review by Jo Huggies Nappies Review

These nappies have been great on our prem baby when she left hospital and still fit her now at 3months, pretty good at containing the poo and very absorbant. One thing I don't like about them is the 3d layer that leaves big indents marks in her skin